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As other #Entrepreneurs #Startups and #Innovators may know, when you may start making the right contacts, hearing the answers to your questions and having unexpected ideas that bring it all together – you feel like you’re starting to experience an answer to what you’ve been out to achieve! Within the last wk, I’ve been lucky enough to have 7 days that each has been relevant to changing old, forming new and creating something that satisfies a larger amount of users. Beginning with Qld Futures Summit, my attention was drawn into Digital Topics, which later flowed onto some staff from QUT and Brisbane Marketing who also networked with Cat Matson. I have attended many of Cat’s recent Training events, since their Entrepreneurship 101 Course and share similar passions with their attendees. ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ have begun to be solved throughout the following events:

  • Qld Futures Summit (BCEC)
  • BrisBIM (QUT)
  • Launched eMail & Twitter
  • Networking NSW contact
  • CreateX (QUT) – Volunteer & Attendee
  • Australian Institute of Management Networking Day (BCC)

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